Monday, December 08, 2008

Shredders' Moment in the Sun!

I heard this reported on the radio in the airport this weekend, and apparently it has been making the rounds.

I'll table the discussion of these kinds of lawsuits, though I'll say that the doctrine leads to interesting issues because part of it is based on proving access to the infringed work, so it means that Satriani would have to prove that Coldplay likely heard his music. Yes, he is big in the guitar magazine world, but I can't see Coldplay being fans.

More importantly, this grasp at the brass ring, combined Bumblefoot's and Buckethead's star turn on Chinese Democracy, means that it is truly a great day to be a shredder!


texplush said...

I thought this was a pretty interesting find:

texplush said...

though I should say that I wouldn't be surprised if two people came up with that chord progression and melody independently. it's pretty simple....

Eric said...

Yeah, some other indie rock band had a whole thing about it that was also on stereogum... Hang on, I'll find it.

Okay, here it is:

I was going to include that but it would have ruined my whole shredder angle. But I have to think that means that it's a common enough melody/chord progression. It seems unlikely that Coldplay would say, "hey, here are two separate artists that have the same melody-- let's copy BOTH at once!" Though the 'access' argument is slightly stronger in the case of Satriani.