Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Andrew Bird

I just bought tickets to see Andrew Bird in an as yet unannounced show this Monday at the Hideout. It's "Andrew Bird and Friends with special guest Dosh". This is my first time seeing him at the Hideout since going with some of you fine folk back in 2001. I cannot wait to see him in this setting, see what he pulls out, who these "friends" are, etc. Pumped? Oh yes.


drischord said...

I remember that show. It was great. Viva La Hideout!

texplush said...

this sounds like fun. i hope he plays with BOF. the last solo show i saw of his was seriously boring. he needs to surround himself with better musicians....

rm said...

Protecting Your Rights on the Internet
Tel 44-(0)208-323 8013
Fax 44-(0)208 323 8080

Hi Via,

On behalf of Fat Possum Records and Andrew Bird, many thanks for plugging "Noble Beast" (street date 20th January) ... .. thanks, also, on behalf of the label and artist for not posting any pirate links to unreleased (studio) material and, if you / your readers want good quality, non-pirated, preview tracks, “Oh No” is available for fans and bloggers to link to / post / host etc via Pitchfork - ... .. also check-out the artist’s MySpace – and for details on “Noble Beast” and the artist’s 2008/09 shows … .. you can also view official Andrew Bird videos at and, for details of further preview material and pre-release promotions, keep an eye on these official sources.

Thanks again for your plug.



Eric said...

Is this for real?? Do we register on the radar of the fucking Web Sheriff???

And if it is real, then dude, why the fuck are you posting your weird shit on blogs that aren't even posting leaked tracks? (To say nothing of blogs without readers!) Just to make sure we know you're out there?? Do labels think this is actually effective promotion?? What the fuck.

(If it's not real, then I'm glad to see that someone else out there is as much of a stereogum dork as I am).

texplush said...

the best part is that in almost the same breath, the web authorities on behalf of Geffen removed my post on Solange and the files from my divshare account.
it is so hilarious to see the industry's entirely inept attempts to market their product and police the web.
the Solange post was a genuine piece of marketing for Geffen and Solange (if somewhat minuscule in it's actual value due to the tiny readership our site gets) and they shot it down. After all, are they really looking to discourage fan sites from spreading word of mouth about their product? it's not like i offered up the whole album (reinforcing my notion of Geffen's stupidity - they have nixed the embed links the videos i found for Solange on youtube).
the Andrew Bird post had nothing to do with the new album, yet Fat Possum and the Web Sherrif played their their big brother card anyway, disguising a threat as a marketing promotion.

fucking. idiots.

Via Chicago said...

And the plot thickens...

Q's LilWayne video he posted from YouTube has been yaked from there as well.

It really is amazing how inept these people are. When you're not allowed to post praise of an artist, it's pretty silly.

I mean, I've been a fan of Andrew Bird (by the way, for the web crawlers - Noble Best comes out soon! Illegal free download!) for about 7 years now. Have bought his self released live-show-only CDs, have turned countless people on to him. I post about how excited I am to see him and... am vaguely threatened?

Gee, I can't imagine why people would rather not give their money to the record labels, and would prefer to see concerts or buy merchandise in a way that directly profits the artist.

texplush said...

almost makes me want to cancel my $30 order for the 'deluxe edition' of Noble Beast yesterday.
(and yes, Q, it does indeed appear that Chinese Democracy was not the last CD i'll ever buy).

Eric said...

What's insane is that these fucking braindead morons are sending this web sheriff douchebag to pull down leaked individual tracks from blogs. What a collossal fucking counterproductive waste of time! I get the problem with illegal downloading-- there is definitely a culture growing (especially in the younger generation) that literally never pays for an album. They just always reflexively download it illegally using bit torrent or whatever. You can quibble with whether that means that the whole industry should shift to a model where performance and merchandising is the main income stream. I think that's silly. Clearly you should be able to sell recorded music, and kids just downloading their entire music collections for free is a problem that labels have a right to address. What's hilarious then, is how backwards every single one of their efforts has been. Web Sheriff is obviously less morally repugnant than suing kids, but posting passive aggressively condescending (and vaguely threatening) messages on blogs that PROVIDE YOU WITH FREE FUCKING PROMOTION is so head slappingly moronic I can't get over it. The music industry deserves to die. It's worse than the auto industry-- at least they don't sue their own customers.