Friday, December 05, 2008

For Your Consideration: Black Mountain

So now that Queens of the Stone Age has forskaen me, I need someone to step up and fill the Black Sabbath droning heavy rocker genre. Black Mountain qualifies quite nicely. They're mighty bombastic, but in that huge, bass drum kind of way - not the shreading, lightning quick riffs kind of way. They also nicely mix in female vocals, which is a rarity in this style and works surprisingly well.

The downside of thetheir 2008 "In the Future" is that it tapers off after the first half, but still, that first half is mighty strong. Here are two examples (both with non-existent YouTube "videos").

STORMY HIGH - The opening song, and just a solid 4 minute rocker:

And TYRANTS - More epic and long. I must insist you at least listen to when the song kicks it up just after the 5:00 mark. That sound tells you all you need to know about Black Mountain - if you hear that and don't like it, this is probably not the album for you:


texplush said...

this is a pretty good album, i agree. I prefer their last one, though. what do you think, VC?

Via Chicago said...

I actually just discovered them with this album. I've gone back and listened to some older songs, but did not pick up their last album. I will do so though based on your thoughts. Many thanks.