Friday, December 12, 2008

For Your Consideration: American Music Club

This one is especially for fans of Sun Kil Moon, whom I expect to make at least two Top 10 lists among this collective.

Like Sun Kil Moon, American Music Club is:
- From San Francisco.
- Led by a moody guy named Mark.
- Beloved by critics and largely unknown by the general public.
- Melancholy, somewhat folky, but not afraid to use distortion either.
AMC has been out of commission for several years, while their singer, Mark Eitzel, released various solo projects. (I particularly recommend West, which was a collaboration with Peter Buck.) They were big in sad, folky indie circles throughout the '90s, much like Mark Kozelek's old band, Red House Painters. (Who, sound-wise, are 96% the same band as Sun Kil Moon.)

The Golden Age is AMC's comeback of sorts, and it's excellent. I saw the A.V. Club selected it for their "best of" list, and I'm considering doing the same.

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Quinapalus said...

Tex once put that AMC song about Johnny Mathis on a mix, and I LOVED it...though after looking into it, it seems that the lyrics were written by somebody else. Which perhaps explains why I liked that song way more than I've ever been able to like any of their others.