Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For Your Consideration: Wye Oak

The best boy/girl duo album of 2008 and no, it doesn't feature Zooey Deschannel.

Wye Oak might be the best band to emerge from my home state of Maryland during my lifetime. (Unless you count Dismemberment Plan, who were a "DC band", but lived in Silver Spring for a lot of their time together.)

This is an album that I discovered randomly on eMusic, and I'm damn glad that I did. Technically this came out in 2007 on a label I've never heard of, but it was re-released by Merge this spring.

Compares favorably with the Beatles, Elliott Smith, Kingsbury Manx, Yo La Tengo, and even that Deerhunter CD everyone's so crazy about.

This will definitely be making my Top 10, so get ready...

Also, here's a link to Pitchfork's review of it. A 7.1, which is just as well, because if they'd rated it much higher, I couldn't be on board.

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Via Chicago said...

This was mighty good. I read the Pitchfork review and thought their Belle & Sebastian analogy was pretty spot on - but I love B&S so that's fine by me. Good find!