Wednesday, December 03, 2008

For Your Consideration: Blitzen Trapper

I thought I'd try introducing a 'column' of sorts, that we can all contribute to, in these weeks leading up to our year end lists.
The purpose of "For Your Consideration" would be to give a quick shout out to albums that you are considering including in your top ten list.
My hope is that this will mean that I hear more records that are on all your lists before the overwhelming behemoth descends at the end of the month.
And that we can get a little more discussion in too....
So, first up for me - the new Blitzen Trapper album. Pretty solid, especially if you dig a souped-up classic rock sound with nice Grateful Dead guitars.
Check it:
Sleepytime In The Western World
Saturday Nite


drischord said...

Saw them live a few months ago and posted something as I recall. I like them well enough, but they won't be making my list.

But good call, Tex. I've got at least 2 bands I've gotta tell everyone about in the next 2 weeks or so, because they're definitely making my Top 10 and they haven't gotten enough publicity!

george said...

Blitzen Trapper already made my top 5 list !! A classic album.

texplush said...

For my money, this release, while not perfect, lacks the weakest moments that their last record had...highly recommended if you like these songs.

Via Chicago said...

This is indeed a great idea. I'll have a contribution tomorrow.

I've never heard these guys but was intrigued by your description. I like both the songs you included here - especially Sleepytime. The total Jerry Garcia guitar lick at 2:30 is pretty fantastic.

I headed over to their MySpace and listened to what they had their - I still liked it, but it all got very "same" to me. I had trouble distinguishing songs. Of course, I felt the same way about Lie Down in the Light when I first got it, and it's in heavy rotation for me now.