Thursday, December 18, 2008

For Your Consideration: Wolf Parade

This is such an odd album to me. It’s one that I don’t often listen to, and rarely think to pop in, but every single time I do I think “Man, this is awesome. I must listen to this more.” Then I don’t. Why? I have no idea, because really, this is a fantastic album. It doesn’t have the immediate impact of either their first one (and nothing here hits the high of “I Believe in Anything”) or their Arcade Fire pals, but instead is more nuanced. Well, as nuanced as these big, bombastic bands get. But yeah, I love it.

Here’s the epic album close Kissing the Beehive. It’s 11 minutes long (sorry), but I thought was the best track to post as it really exemplifies what I love about this band. The final build is just spectacular.

For a shorter experience here’s the 3 minute “Call it a Ritual”, inexplicably set to NASA footage. Ah, YouTube. This one sort of stuns me that it’s only 3 minutes, given the sort of epic scope they cram into that time.

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drischord said...

I like how we're all leaving the imprints of our taste on this blog. The second I saw "For Your Consideration: Wolf Parade," I knew it was posted by Via Chicago. Scrolling down was merely ceremonial.