Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Logan

That Jack Logan has been endorsed by Dr. Kittybrains himself speaks volumes. Buy his albums! They're undoubtedly (and unfortunately) available used in most CD stores and various web sites. I'm guessing "Bulk" is practically free from a reseller on Amazon. It only takes the slightest of encouragement to get me going, so here are 3 more tracks.

First, by request, "Female Jesus" from Bulk.

Then, "Teach Me The Rules" from his first album in an actual recording studio, which is called
Mood Elevator.

Finally, "Marching With The Saints," from his first album with Bob Kimbell (another great musician, based in Logan's former state of Indiana.) The record is Little Private Angel.

1 comment:

Quinapalus said...

This stuff definitely appeals to my sense of DIY raggedness. Oh if only Peter Buck had been there for Blaze Foley! My only question is, does this guy have any songs with 4-way saxakazoo solos?