Monday, February 25, 2008

Jack Logan

Partly for the amusement of Eric, I'm going to share a true chestnut from the ol' Drischord vaults: Jack Logan. This guy is an auto mechanic from Winder, Georgia (adjacent to Athens) who was discovered by Peter Buck of R.E.M. and Peter Jesperson, who ran Twin/Tone Records. His initial release was called "Bulk," a 2-CD set culled from a decade's worth of home recordings with his buddies. Most of it was recorded in living rooms. I love many of Jack Logan's subsequent albums, but the rough-hewn charm of "Bulk" could never really be duplicated. He'd go on to write better songs, but none sounded as organic as these ones. Here are three tracks from the album. Blaze Foley fans might find a similar charm, although Logan isn't half the tragic drunk that Blaze was.

"New Used Car and a Plate of Barbecue"

"Giant City, Tiny Town"

"Shit For Brains"

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dr. kittybrains said...

"Bulk" is awesome. I bought it used at Dr. Wax back in college. Will you post "Female Jesus" also? I fucking love that song.