Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"I Love Every Little Thing About You"

You guys may already be familiar with the Stevie Wonder version of this song, which is of course utterly fantastic and catchy and joyous and typically delightfully Stevie, but here it is anyway, in case you don't know it:

HOWEVER, here is the version Stevie arranged and produced for his soon-to-be ex-wife's first album 'Syreeta' - it's clear from the tracks that Stevie is, as on the previous version - playing everything that we hear, from the burbling synths to the sweet hi-hat clicking away in the left channel.

Not only is this a version of the same song written, produced and performed instrumentally by the same dude, but it's completely different from the better known Stevie version, and in my opinion KICKS ITS ASS. On top of it all, Syreeta's vocals (not unlike Beyonce's, except much more... um... 'real' might be the word I'm looking for) are sublime honeyed perfection.

Here's the proof:

(Allison just told me that she thinks Syreeta doesn't sound like Beyonce at all, but more like Mya. What do you guys think?)

ADDENDUM: upon further listening, the major distinction between the two is that Stevie's performance is really sincere - you believe he honestly loves everything about her. But Syreeta's is coquettish (Allison's word) - she might just be saying those things to get something. It's definitely an interesting contrast.


Eric said...

That was awesome. I had read about the Stevie-produced Syreeta albums a while ago but they were long out of print. I didn't realize they were available (on one CD apparently, no less). I'm going to go buy that right now.

texplush said...

i still like the Stevie version better, tho i like this new version too. Syretta's just is lacking that extra boost of pure energy that Stevie channels. He makes your soul sit up and listen. Syretta's version is a more intellectual feast- enjoying the arrangement, etc.
and Allison is right, Syretta in no way sounds like Beyonce. She is much more in the classic mold of, say, Dionne Warwick in my humble opinion.