Monday, February 18, 2008

Further Nels Reading

Via Chicago, my answer to your questions is an emphatic "yes." Nels is the best guitarist rock n' roll has to offer.

For those so inclined, I highly recommend the following Nels solo LP's:

Nels Cline Trio- Chest
Nels Cline Singers- Instrumentals
Nels Cline- The Inkling

Also highly recommended is Mike Watt's self-described "punk rock opera," which is called Contemplating The Engine Room. It's a trio effort with Watt on bass and vox, Stephen Hodges on drums and Nels playing some totally brilliant guitar. I know some of you are familiar with this record to varying degrees, but go back and revisit it today... great playing, great narrative, great people too-- I met 'em freshman year at NU.

I'm embedding the first track, "In the Engine Room." There's a bookend introduction, but you'll hear the song's awesomeness in due time.

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Eric said...

Ah Contemplating the Engine Room-- if that's not an old standby Drischord classic, I don't know what is. File that right alongside Screaming Trees.