Thursday, February 07, 2008

Finally A Post

Sorry to have taken this long to post something on the blog. My grandma died, the dog ate my homework, the power went out.... no seriously, my grandma did die, and I've been accordingly preoccupied until just now.

While the Michael Jackson references certainly take me back to the day, I feel compelled to share one of the few insightful Pitchfork reviews I've read in months. I probably feel this way because they're praising an album that was on my Top 10 list, but whatever. It's Bottomless Pit-- risen from the ashes of Silkworm-- and I'll warn you: they are infinitely less funky/dance-able than anything posted here thus far.

Here's the first track, "The Cardinal Movements," in all it's dour glory.

Now resume the discussion of fun music.


texplush said...

D -
i was hoping you had heard this album already. i LOVE it.
i'm been going back and listening to a lot of Silkworm because of it. ahh, nostalgia for 125 Willoughby.
I think Bottomless Pit (which for my money has one and a half dud songs on it)is the strongest work they've done in a long time.
it's incredibly emotional, almost sounding like 90's emo, ala Promise Ring or very early Jimmy Eat World. I loved those bands at the time and this record just brings me back, with the added bonus of much better players/songs/everything. and the guys i love from Silkworm (even if they continue their love of terrible album covers).
a fitting tribute to Dahlquist.
I also found it interesting that Pitchfork is championing the album. This supports my feeling that in GENERAL, things Pitchfork really likes are are pretty good. They also just happen to hate/ignore a bunch of other stuff that is very good. and they are dicks.

drischord said...

Yeah, I got it the week it came out. But I had figured Pitchfork never got the memo. Anyway, it's always good to see quality music rewarded.