Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Airplane Gazing

The previous post about airplane related songs gave me an excuse to post this, my personal favorite song abouit airplane flight, which just so happens to be from a band I'm currently really digging on. "Thirty-Five Thousand Feet of Despair" by The Flaming Lips. This was originally on Zaireeka, here in a normal stereo mode courtesy of the Waiting for a Superman single. Listening to this makes me wish that any band, including the Flaming Lips themselves, would be gutsy enough and weird enough to put out something as ridiculous as Zaireeka again. I mean seriously, that thing is insane to even contemplate releasing as an album, but they did it, and it blew my mind. I wish to have my mind blown in that same manner again, but until then, this will have to do:


drischord said...

What's equally crazy (and admirable) is that it was Warner Bros. Records that released Zaireeka. The label that brought you Cher, Paris Hilton and Michael Buble! When the bidding war ensues for my forthcoming album of saxakazoo improvisations, Warner Brothers will have a decided edge because of this.

texplush said...

yo, can you post this as a downloadable mp3 for us?