Friday, June 26, 2009

Wilco and Feist in LA

D, were you at this show?
Say what you want, haters, these two got chemistry...


Eric said...

Were people hating on this? Feist's album is kind of boring at points, but she's got a great voice.

Also, it's kind of funny: all the way through, I wanna say, A Ghost is Born, reviews and articles about Wilco always mentioned "alt-country" and talked about how their new stuff wouldn't please their old "alt-country" fans. This always struck me as silly-- as an "alt-country" band, Wilco was basically a cult band. And by YHF for sure, their normal fans far outnumbered any "alt-country" purists. But lazy music journalists still used that angle.

ANYWAY, the funny thing is, by now, Wilco is more known for making vaguely experimental studio-bound indie-ish folk-ish rock, and journalists have stopped using the "alt-country" angle in general-- just as they have come full circle and are basically an "alt-country" band again (even if more sophisticated musically than they were on AM). So finally that legion of "alt-country" purists can be satisfied again!

*I put "alt-country" in quotes every single time I used it because to highlight how silly a term it is.

drischord said...

I did not see this show. I saw the one in Berkeley at the Greek Theater (still up in SF as I write) and I'm going to write a post with live photos once I get back to LA.

But just as a preview...

Best. Wilco. Show. Ever.