Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Breakfast at Sulimay's

If you want to know what the geezer set thinks about Wilco, Dirty Projectors, Common, Bon Iver... the list goes on, you have to watch Breakfast at Sulimay's on YouTube.

It's basically these 3 old-timers from Philadelphia who meet at a restaurant, listen to music provided by a hipster, and offer their American Idol-style criticism of it. Of the episodes I've seen, they haven't once been in consensus about liking a song. There are some songs they unanimously agree they don't like (Common's "Universal Mind Control" comes to mind), but the whole thing is pretty entertaining.

Here's the latest episode...

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drischord said...

You know, I actually got confused about what episode I was posting. This one is even newer and it features the first consensus endorsement I've seen from this crowd: They all like the new Yo La Tengo!

Also, I love it how Joe (on the right) always goes right to an analysis of the drums and usually concludes that they are too high in the mix.