Monday, June 01, 2009

Eric Matthews - "Fanfare"

I don't know why reading about Jeremy Enigk made me think about this song and the album it's from. This is an amazing song, though, featuring Jason Falkner (another personal fave) on a few instruments. And he plays his own trumpet, folks!


drischord said...

It has become all too clear to me that Dr. Kittybrains and I had the same CD collection in high school. Who else out there loves Jack Logan and Eric Matthews with equal ardor?

Eric Matthews was actually introduced to me by my mom of all people-- she'd heard him profiled on NPR right when It's Heavy in Here came out. I think I even convinced her to buy me the CD.

Anyway, totally awesome record. Fanfare is a classic; if you didn't think trumpet could fit into a chamber-folk tune, this song is your rebuttal. Other great tracks as well... Flight and Lion comes to mind as does Lust Takes Time. (funny title) And also Sincere Sensation, which has an eerie vocal sound that almost reminds me of Layne Staley.

Anyway, yeah, I too subconsciously associate Eric Matthews and SDRE. They're both mid-90s non-grunge acts from the Northwest on Sub Pop Records. In fact, they were both instrumental in Sub Pop's transition away from the Nirvana/Mudhoney/Soundgarden grunge era and into a more diverse catalog.

Seriously great album, and I'm sure anyone can find it used for about 35 cents on Amazon. Well worth it.

And hey, maybe Sub Pop will join the new eMusic and you can get it there, too.

Eric said...

Am I making this up, or could they also be associated with each other because they both made/make Christian indie-pop albums?

(I also associate them because they're both pop albums Drischord had me buy way back when. I never got hugely into Eric Matthews, but I really liked this song-- it's track 1 right?
Never got into Jason Falkner-- he just sounds so generically "power pop" to me that it doesn't stick.

(Also requisite shoutout (since drischord didn't) to Cardinal, and its other primary member, Richard Davies, who Drischord also loves).

drischord said...

Eric Matthews is a Christian? Are you sure?

Eric said...

I'm not sure at all and after a quick google I'm not sure where I got that, except that I have such a distinct memory of reading that somewhere. Not that he was in full-on Christian rock, but that his more recent worked had a Christian theme. But maybe I'm somehow mixing him up with someone completely different. Hmmm..,

amoelrock90 said...

I like very much eric matthewws ... specially the song '' fanfare'' somebody would be able to send to my E-mail that song: would be to him very thanked.....1996 always sounded that melody in my head from the year but wise no that he was singing it ... as of today please would like me returning to remember those years