Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Reunion Train Rolls On

I was never a huge Sunny Day Real Estate fan, though I appreciate their return, and most defintely will go see them if the opportunity comes my way. I'm more excited by the news of Living Colour's reunion, which is pretty exciting.

But neither of those hold a candle to the real reunion news - Faith No More. It's slightly old news by this point, but man am I happy about this. These guys were huge favorites of mine back in the day, and while I've liked some of Patton's solo/side stuff, none of it is up to FNM's catalogue. Purists will complain about the lack of Jim Martin, but the last two Martin-less FNM albums are great as well, so I'm fine with that. No news yet on a North American tour or album, which kind of sucks, but at least we get stuff like this piece of vintage Faith:

And this cover, which some may scoff at, but I think is totally amazing and actually quite powerful for the Faith No More, uh, faithful:


drischord said...

Good stuff. I am one of those Jim B. Martin purists who has a hard time imagining the band without him. But apparently the rest of the band has no difficulty doing so.

I've always read about this band as really being controlled by Roddy Bottum, the keyboard player, and apparently he and Martin just do not see eye-to-eye.

I don't know who the new guitarist is, (a Wikipedia search informs me his name is Jon Hudson) but he seemed fine, apart from being too high in the mix. The real test will come if they make another album. Say what you will, but I don't think they ever produced a batch of songs as good as Angel Dust, and that one had Martin all over it, even if he wound up getting fired when the thing was completed.

Via Chicago said...

No arguments that Angel Dust is their high point, but as I said, I will totally go to bat for King for a Day and Album of the Year as equals to Real Thing and superior to the pre-Patton stuff.

Speaking of which, there's always those crazy Chuck Mosley purists, but that's going way too far for me.

drischord said...

Never liked Chuck Mosley except for the actual song "We Care A Lot."