Thursday, January 22, 2009

Question for the Web Sheriff...

...or whoever can answer my question.

Do I need to buy the deluxe Noble Beast (with Useless Creatures)? On Amazon it's more than double the price of the regular edition, so is Useless Creatures as good as an entire separate album?


drischord said...

I'm waiting for the first "review" of Noble Beast to appear on here. I've heard the record twice now and am not ready to weigh in. But I will say that the weight of expectations and a less-than-modest New York Times blog about this record's creation aren't helping so far.

texplush said...

if this album is anything, it's going to be a grower of the sneakiest kind. my review is gestating.

as for Useless Creatures, it's not worth the extra money unless you're in the mood for the most ambient of his instrumental violin work (think the first track on Eggs but less melodic). Though Glenn Kotche does appear making strange sounds with what sounds like surgical tools and farm implements, that may not be enough for the average fan.
Which is not to say that I'm not enjoying it on some level, or that i've fully digested it.

Eric said...

Resolved: Getting the regular version. If anyone thinks that is a mistake, please speak up.


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Hey Eric,

On behalf of Fat Possum Records and Andrew Bird, many thanks for plugging "Noble Beast" ... .. thanks, also, on behalf of the label and artist for not posting any pirate links to (studio) material ... .. in (belated) answer to your question, a full promo / preview stream of "Useless Creatures" has been available for review and linking (only) on the artist's web-site at

All The Best,


drischord said...

Ask and ye shall receive.

Eric said...

That's amazing. Thanks Web Sheriff! So helpful!