Thursday, January 15, 2009

Great Bush-Hating Tunes

You know, with the end of his presidency, and his fall from public esteem, and his likely (one hopes) fading away into the "dustbin of history", it's occuring to me that there is so little time left to enjoy all those great anti-George W. Bush songs that used to be able to swell me up into an inflated sense of righteous anger! And don't get me wrong: I'm OK with that. But there's a certain, masochistic enjoyment of those songs that's about to be gone forever. It's already getting hard to appreciate them like I did in the bad old days, but after the inauguration, it'll definitely be too late, so I hope everyone takes this opportunity to get angry to the rhythm one more time.

There are lots of great songs to choose from, but here's my entry for one of my personal favorites:

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Eric said...

I was just thinking about this yesterday as I was listening to (and still really liking_ the new TV on the Radio, which has songs about "bear[ing] witness to the whores of Babylon." It was like as soon as Obama was elected there just wasn't the same need for these types of songs. While it was nothing like the sixties and Vietnam and the Civil Rights Era (with its Fortunate Sons and For What It's Worths et al), 2000-2008 did end up actually yielding a decent amount of "protest" music. Though I think most of it's kind of weak. Living With War, excepted, of course!