Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For Your Consideration: The G.O.O.D. Friday Dowloads

For those of you who love the new Kanye album, but haven't heard any of the free downloads which he posted on his website prior to its release: there are some very good songs which didn't make it onto the album, and which are definitely worth tracking down.

Below is one of my favorites. On one level it's really just a mash-up of a Justin Bieber song and an old Wu-Tang track, with some extra rapping thrown in...but what other major artist would not only have the audacity to release such a thing under his own name, but could figure out how to make it sound this good?


texplush said...

This song is amazing. There are several good Friday tracks that I like better than Fantasy album tracks. Notably this one, 'Christian D'orre', 'The Joy' and 'Chain Heavy'

Eric said...

Yeah, Monster and So Appalled were definitely not my favorite Good Friday tracks, though I've now come to like them in the context of the album. But Christian Dior is awesome. I also like Take One for the Team.