Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Any thoughts on the new Sufjan Stevens?

I found it very off-putting and hard to listen to at first, but it is officially growing on me. Have you guys been listening to it at all? What do you think?


Eric said...

That album is on the long list of releases this year that, at a different time of my life, I would have picked up the day it came out, but which, instead, I never even heard. I'm kind of curious what you guys have to say about -- the response to the album seemed kind of muted so I didn't feel compelled to pick it up.

texplush said...

I think it's really great. A true grower and an absolutely necessary change of pace for him. 'I Want To Be Well' and 'Impossible Soul' are particularly great.
This is the kind of album, in my opinion, that may not rank high on lists this year, but we will be listening to in 10 years while we've forgotten all the rest.