Friday, December 17, 2010

All My Friends...

Ah year-end season... What better time to post a song from 2 years ago that I have only just now really started to appreciate.

I'm not sure what the general opinion here is on these guys, but I have recently become a full fledged convert to LCD Soundsystem. It took me quite a long time - I heard the singles but they didn't do much for me. Watched this video from Pitchfork this summer (alas, I was not there live as I only attended Pavement day) which increased my interest, and after about 3 or 4 listens of their new album, I'm finally all over it. Not sure exactly how I will put together my year end lists of sorts, but the new album is a 2010 highlight for me.

Anyway, here is "All My Friends" in a truly glorious performance.


Quinapalus said...

Nice! Everyone with a drowsy Morrisey voice should have a backing band that frenetic.

texplush said...

This is a great band. make no mistake. Via, definitely check out the London Sessions which came out about a month ago.