Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Best of 2010 Season Begins

The AV Club is rolling out their list.

The first detail that popped out at me: why does this band I've never heard of called Dum Dum Girls have basically the same album cover as Vampire Weekend? Is it just a weird cosmic coincidence?


texplush said...

Drischord, FYI - here's the breakdown of which albums from the AV Club's top 25 albums are available on emusic. I've starred (*) the albums that were affected by the withdrawal of Beggars Group, Domino and Merge. For what it's worth, yes, there are definitely a LOT of great albums that are now unavailable, but still, a big chunk of my personal Top 10 is still on emusic, or coming soon:

Flying Lotus, Baths, Dessa, Yeasayer, Call Me Lighting, Avi Buffalo, Wavves, Dum Dum Girls, Frightened Rabbit, Janelle Monae, Walkmen

Not Available, but maybe coming soon once they have more shelf life (i.e. these labels do work with emusic):
Kanye West, The Roots, Big Boi, Black Keys, Robyn

Not Available:
Spoon*, Four Tet*, Titus Andronicus*, Arcade Fire*, Deerhunter*, Vampire Weekend*, Superchunk*, LCD Soundsystem, The National*,

drischord said...

Thanks for the breakdown, Tex! The biggest thing I get from that is that emusic's deal with Sub Pop is buffering the fall from losing those other labels. Take them away, and then you're really in trouble

Quinapalus said...

I saw this morning that Pitchfork has half of their list up. It occurs to me upon skimming it that maybe the most fundamental difference I have with those guys is that I don't understand how calling an album "nihilistic" can be meant as praise...or how "homophobic slurs" can make an album sound "fresh" as they insist for #32 on the list.

Oh wait, it's a rap album! Sorry, I forgot that that's when Pitchfork's knee-jerk paternalism kicks in, and suddenly we're dealing with an entirely different standard of taste. My mistake!