Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sunset Rubdown

So, it took me until last year to discover the existence of Wolf Parade and until this year to become really obsessed with them and the assorted Spencer Krug side projects. I'm still not fully versed, and honestly couldn't tell you what makes a Sunset Rubdown album inherently different from a Wolf Parade album, but man, these guys are awesome. I remember posting in praise of At Mt. Zoomer last year and Drischord correctly identifying me as the psoter just from the topic, and I know that this is music which speaks very strongly to my ideals of music - perhaps more so than some of the rest of you. But man, THESE GUYS RULE.

I give you the lead track from the newest Sunset Rubdown album:

There's something about the marriage between the feedback squall and the elegant vocal style that really gets me. I'm also a sucker for the LOUDsoftLOUD dynamic, which they execute numerous times on many songs.

So yeah, rambly post, but just an excuse to say that this album is the bomb.


drischord said...

To answer your question, the difference between the bands is that Sunset Rubdown is consistently AWESOME while Wolf Parade albums pack filler around a couple of very good tracks.

I actually know almost nothing about the personnel differences between the two, but I sold the only Wolf Parade record I owned, while I continue to listen to Sunset Rubdown with regularity.

Glad you posted this, VC. Dragonslayer was long overdue for a shout-out.

Quinapalus said...

That was a good song!

texplush said...

i cannot stand Spencer Krug's voice. Therein lies my inability to get into Sunset Rubdown.