Friday, October 10, 2008

This time I think it's real

At the risk of having egg on my face, I do believe that Chinese Democracy will actually be released this year. This sounds as close to official as we're gonna get.

(Dr. K: link fixed)


Quinapalus said...

I don't think the link is working...

Via Chicago said...

I saw this on Pitchfork. I'd probably setting myself up to be fooled yet again, but to me this actually does indeed sound like the thing just might come out. Will it be good? Probably not. But I will be there on day #1 to buy that sucker as soon as I can.

It dawns on me that within one month of each other, both Chinese Democracy and Christmas on Mars may be released. The mind boggles.

texplush said...

it's real.
and it's good.
get ready for your free Dr. Pepper!