Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Debate


Via Chicago said...

You know, I distinctly remember watching the Adam West Batman movie with Q one Dillo Day when it dawned on me that this version of Batman wasn't "So bad it's good", it's brilliant. I loved it's absudity as a kid, then as a snarky college guy I thought it was hilarious in its ineptitude. I've come to realize that it truly is a comedy, straight up, and I've never turned back. Thsi stuff is amazing. Burgess Meredith is awesome, the song they play is awesome, and Adam West's takes are awesome. Why oh why is this not available on DVD?

Eric said...

I actually had a similar experience in college. I remember when I was a kid thinking the show was corny. But I later came to realize that the "campiness" was entirely intentional and that it's actually as clever a deadpan comedy as anything.