Thursday, October 23, 2008

If Hollywood directors made John MCain's ads

The first couple aren't that interesting, but the third one, a John McCain ad in the style of Wes Anderson, is pretty funny.


drischord said...

When the Bowie came in I busted out laughing. And again anytime the color yellow appeared.

The first two seemed pretty accurate as well, based on what I know of those two directors. (Although the only John Woo movie I saw all the way through was Hard Target, starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Wilfred Brimley. I was in middle school and I hated it even then. Haven't seen a Woo flick since.)

dr. kittybrains said...

Ha. The first two may be accurate to a degree, but not funny. The Anderson one? Brilliant.

Via Chicago said...

The Woo one wasn't great although I thought the very end with them charging and then the "McCain/Palin" popping up was funny.

But yeah, the Anderson one rocked. Gives a bit of pause to thinking of Anderson as brilliant when his style can be recreated so easily and accurately.