Monday, March 10, 2008

Following Up On The Dirty Projectors

I thought I'd go ahead and post a couple of tracks from my favorite album of 2007. I'm curious to hear what ya'll think.
The gimmick of the record is that they took the lyrics from Black Flag's Damaged and wrote new music. New GREAT music, I say.
These two are a couple of the mellower songs on the record, but two of my favorites.

Rise Above - Dirty Projectors

download 'Rise Above'

Thirsty and Miserable - Dirty Projectors

download 'Thirsty and Miserable'


Eric said...

I actually like this quite a bit and would definitely look into picking this up used (which is still how I acquire most of my music). But I am confused-- I had read about how he "rewrote" the Black Flag album, but it's just the lyrics then? Dose he rearrange the song structures at all or is it just the same song with different melodies (and I assume, phrasing)?
I don't know Black Flag at all actually but I'm not generally into the 80s hardcore scene besides the Replacements, Husker Du, and the Minutemen, none of whom were really hardcore (at least the albums of theirs that I listen to).

texplush said...

i feel like D may be able to tell us how close, if at all the melodies/song structure are on these songs compared to the Black Flag originals. I suspect that they are totally different. In the press, they phrased it as he was rewriting the album 'from memory' because he found the empty tape case (lyrics intact) while cleaning his mom's basement.
I saw a used copy at Other Music last week, if you can muster the cred to enter their hallowed halls.

Eric said...

I was just there last night and didn't see it (though I don't know what the cover looks like, so I could conceivably have flipped past it). Turnover's fast in that joint.

drischord said...

Yeah, these are very different from the Black Flag originals. Black Flag was totally hardcore, and I loved them dearly at age 14.

Similar concept to what Kozelek did with AC/DC and Modest Mouse.

These versions are pretty cool. Makes me want to know more about Dirty Projectors and also dig my Black Flag tapes out of my mom's basement. I also had a Black Flag t-shirt in 8th grade, but I'm pretty sure that is long gone.

dr. kittybrains said...

Well shit - I'm glad I finally listened to this. It's beautiful - especially Rise Above... damn.