Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Dedicated to Johnny Cash, A Real American Gangster"

Who would have guessed that even Snoop Dogg would one day cut a Honky Hop track? Drischord, I'm afraid that ship has sailed without us.

"Girl my love's gonna last just as long as my high...and I'm high all day, every day."


drischord said...

Q, there's still hope for us only because Snoop's life is way too good. Even as a white man, you can rail against class inequality from a perspective that Snoop can barely remember at this point.

And more importantly, one of the highlights of my life was watching Hinshaw's Uncle Kenny and Aunt Tammy, who we're pretty sure are your average mainstream Republicans, request encore after encore of "Nihilist Blues" and its searing indictment of their nation and its corporate chicken-hawk values. Granted, they were really drunk, but I felt like Machiavelli.

drischord said...

Also, when Snoop holds that guitar, he bears strong resemblance to Fulgencio.

texplush said...

sorry to say it, but ya'll got burnt good by tha dee oh double gee.