Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Andrew Bird's New EP - Soldier On

I assume a few of you already have this, but here it is anyway. This is the first, and best, track off of Solider On, which as far as I can tell is only available online or mailorder from France. I highly recommend.

The Trees Were Mistaken

I love the drum loop. So much more dynamic percussively than Dosh's work on Armchair. Or at least much higher in the mix than most of the drums on that album.
Soldier On also contains a Bird track from the Janet Reno-currated Songs of America compilation!

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Via Chicago said...

For some reason I didn't get around to listening to this until now and - man this is great. The beginning loop is all kinds of cool and it sounds like a whole new world of sound Mr. Bird is pushing into - which is just fine by me. I think he's really found his own sound now, so I'd love to see him make more use of his bandmates, which he appears to do here. This makes me want a whole album sounding like this - but we have awhile to wait until that happens.

Still, this is enough to make me go through the hassle of acquiring this EP.