Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bob Dylan's Christmas in the Heart

Bob Dylan's Christmas album comes out on Tuesday and--if I may be so bold--JESUS CHRIST, everyone has got to give a listen to the song samples currently available at Amazon. You'll hear Bob Dylan's aged voice growling over traditional Christmas songs, as competently played by his band with a few extra strings, bells, and Christmasy Drummer-Boy drums thrown in...and being assisted by incredibly jarring back-up singers who sound like they're right off of a Gene Autry album from 60 years ago. Also, the album cover is amazing. I don't know where to being analyzing this one.


texplush said...

wow. i sort of love it. and i HATE christmas music.

Quinapalus said...

Ha ha. You know, the more I listen to the song samples, the more I think that he really is trying to make his own version of one of those Gene Autry albums which I still have fond childhood memories of.