Monday, May 11, 2009

Dirty Projectors Fever: Catch It!

Seriously, guys - this is the album to beat this year. You will ALL like it if you give it a chance. It comes out in June. I ordered it on vinyl and will welcome you all to my home for a spin.
In the meantime -
You can hear the first single, Stillness is the Move here
Even tastemakers such as Dr. Kittybrains admit that it is awesome!
You can watch DP collaborate with Bjork here
Read about said collaboration in the NY Times here
Face it, you're going to have to see if i'm right eventually. LISTEN TO THE SINGLE


drischord said...

I listened to Rise Above a couple times this week on your admonition. It's good stuff and I appreciate it more each time. Tinges of Extra Golden, whom you personally turned me onto.

Ultimately there's something about the record that makes me feel like every song is them warming up to play another song, and yet I do like the intrinsic "spontaneity" that comes with such a sound.

I also listened to "Stillnes is the Move" and it sounds, on first impression, like the best thing they've recorded to date. I'm definitely planning to pick up the new one, although I may wait until eMusic gets it (which could be the same day it comes out in stores).

Speaking of hype, I pre-ordered the new Grizzly Bear despite not liking Yellow House all that much. I've been impressed with all the leaked tracks I've heard and Amazon has a $7.99 pre-order sale. What can I say, I still like to collect CDs.

texplush said...

thanks for giving this a chance, D. I have a feeling no one else did. i mean, what is there NOT to like about 'stillness'? that song absolutely KILLS.
i also preordered the grizzly bear, but i'm now on a vinyl fetish :)
incidentally, i was amused to see that the Dirty Projectors is being offered on CASSETTE. hilarious and strange.
you're going to love the new DP album. it's head and shoulders above Rise Above, and that's saying something.