Monday, May 18, 2009

Back to The Week That Was

I'm going to try to issue a few posts on albums from last year. It seems silly to declare "best of" lists and then just leave them to sit for time eternal.

First up is The Week That Was. I learned about this group from Tex Plush in either November or December, but was still taken by them to the point that they made the #8 spot on my list for the entire year.

I was already warmed up to them via School of Language, whom I spent the better part of the year drooling over. And while I don't think TWTW's album is quite as consistent as SOL's Sea to Shore, I think it contains the highlight of their combined output-- and Field Music's as well.

Here it is, "Scratch the Surface," which is the last cut on the album. Love it and weep, bitches...

Analysis: It still holds up, and probably still in the #8 spot where I had it last year.


texplush said...

i love this sound. it's very Peter Gabriel-era Genesis.

drischord said...

Good call. And the drums are so prominent in the mix. Phil Collins would be proud. (And that's really the goal, isn't it?)