Friday, March 27, 2009

Wilco + Feist???

What the hell?

Wilco has confirmed rumors that Feist will appear on its next album, a still untitled set due for a late June release.

In a posting Friday (March 27) on the band's website (, the alternative rock band says that singer-songwriter Feist lends vocals to the track "You and I" on the Nonesuch release.

The first order of business is getting excited that we're getting a new Wilco album in June! (With Dinosaur Jr and Sunset Rubdown already slated for that month, it's going to be one to remember.)

But Feist? This is an artist that I do not "get." I'll grant you I know almost nothing about her beyond that iPod song. A lot of my friends like that track, some even like the whole album it comes from. For me personally, it does nothing at all.

That said, if Wilco's involved, I'm at least curious.


texplush said...

Jesus, drischord. You've only heard one song of hers and you're this primed for backlash?

texplush said...

Personally, I'm curious if they'll keep the Colbert reference in Wilco ( the song).

drischord said...

I don't know if what I wrote constitutes a "backlash." It was intended as a discussion primer.

I heard other songs off that album, but only once. The ipod song I've heard many times and do not like.

texplush said...

Can't a guy get a pretty girl to sing a duet with him anymore without having her integrity impugned?
Afterall, I doubt she wrote the song herself.
Also, in breaking news: jeff tweedy took a shit and it was my #3 album of the year.

Eric said...

I love the 1 2 3 4 ipod song! But most of the other tracks on her records I find boring. But she has a pretty voice so the fact that a lot of her songs are kind of boring will not detract from the Duet of the Year.