Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chris Cornell Hits Rock Bottom

It's almost tragic that the man who brought us Badmotorfinger and Superunknown is now making shitty James Bond-style trip hop with Timbaland, who sounds trapped in 2001.

Chris Cornell has gotten progressively worse since breaking up Soundgarden. First came his unspeakably boring solo albums. Then, the shit show that was Audioslave. Now this utter stinking turd of a record.

Awful Awful Awful.

Here's a link to the AV Club review, which has a stream of one of the songs. Which, bad though it is, was actually cited by the LA Times as the best track on the album! Makes me never want to hear the rest.

And how about that joke of a glamour shot? By my math, Cornell should be pushing 50 by now. Botox can be the only explanation for that look he's sporting. Either that, or they cast him in wax which, given his ego, wouldn't surprise me.

Can't believe this is the same guy who rocked my world at my first real rock concert in the 8th grade.

Chris Cornell, RIP. You officially suck balls.

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