Monday, March 23, 2009

Top 5 Albums of the first quarter of 2009

2009 is looking pretty good so far....

1. Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
2. Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
3. Vetiver - Tight Knit
4. Dark Was The Night - charity compilation
5. Justin Townes Earle - Midnight At The Movies

Honorable Mention: Neko Case, DM Stith, Beirut, Phospherescent, A.C. Newman

List your picks in the comments....i will be surprised if I like anything this year better than that Grizzly Bear album. Wowzers!


Quinapalus said...

Wow, I'm pretty out of the loop so far this year. I don't think I've bought one new release since December, and haven't even heard of most of the things you're citing. Could you provide some YouTube links or something that would get me hooked on any of your faves?

Eric said...

We're going quarterly now? Either way, the Grizzly Bear doesn't technically come out until May, so I deem it ineligible. (Although Grizzly Bear is one of a select handful of bands where the more important date is the "leak" date).

I've been fairly lukewarm on Grizzly Bear. I think they do some interesting stuff, but I saw them live and it seriously put me to sleep (although the venue was terrible). I haven't heard the new one yet though, and I'm looking forward to checking it out.

As for me, I'm not crazy about the A.C. Newman, but enjoy the Andrew Bird more than others. And I have to say I did get pretty into the Animal Collective record for a few weeks after it came out. And the new Neko. Never heard Vetiver.

Eric said...
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texplush said...

late fall albums always have an unfair advantage in the year end lists. this is just a mental note for myself for when the time comes.

mark my words on this Grizzly Bear. Totally totally awesome.

Vetiver is very mellow acoustic, sometimes Byrds-y folk rock. Very nice and boring in the best sense of the word. No youtube videos that I could find.

Phoenix. I just love them. Everytime I try to describe them I fail, but they are French. and they rock. and have synths. i think my #1 of 2006 was their last album. again, no youtubes.

Dark Was The Night is a comp put together by the National with every hot indie band on it. pretty consistently great for a 2 disc comp. It's the 'No Alternative' for the hipster generation!

drischord said...

Best Album of 2009 So Far:

Animal Collective

And no, I don't have Pitchfork electrodes digging into my brain.

That record is awesome though. I fully admit it.

I'll post more on that topic soon.

Eric said...

That was like LOST or something. Totally unexpected! I look forward to the post.

Via Chicago said...

I've been largely absent due to a very hectic student teaching schedule, but it doesn't mean I have been listening to music! Have not yet heard the Animal Collective or Neko Case albums, but there are 3 righht now that stand out for me:

(In no particular order)
1. AC Newman - Get Guilty. I'm a sucker for that New Pornographers thing, what can I say.

2. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Sort of this year's Vampire Weekend to me - if you can get past the hype, this is just a really good, simple album.

3. Phish - 3/6/09. Yeah that's right. Best Phish show since, ohg, 1997-ish. And if you question it's authenticity as an album, it's available for free on their website, which is good enough for me.

Via Chicago said...

Oh, and I forgot the Andrew Bird, plus that Abe Vigoda EP is pretty rad. Anyone heard the new Nels Cline?

drischord said...

Heard some of the new Nels but didn't buy it. Much as I love him, you can have just 2 or 3 of his solo albums and basically get the gist of all of them.

My recommendations (I think I did this around this time last year):

1. Chest
2. The Giant Pin
3. The Inkling

And then get Contemplating the Engine Room by Mike Watt, which is a total Nels Cline showcase.