Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lick the Rapper

His drooling superfans over at Pitchfork are having a difficult time getting the hard-on they were hoping for over this new pop song from Lil' Wayne.

Personally, I take this song as an encouraging sign that Wayne is leaving his thug pose at the door with his new album, and is trying to cross over into the 14-year-old girl demographic (which I have to assume is at least part of the marketing plan with this video). This may just be a mediocre sex song, but I'd certainly take it any day over the songs he used to write about shooting snitches.

But what I find amusing about the video is this: in the recent tradition of such lamentable pop hitmakers as 50 Cent, Lil' Wayne has chosen to base an entire song around the idea that eating candy can be a metaphor for oral sex, and in particular that a "lollipop" is like a penis. In this context, Wayne seems to spend an awful lot of time in this video with a lollipop hanging out of his mouth. And granted, most of the time he's just holding the lollipop in his hand and waving it around at the camera, but periodically it's definitely in his mouth. It seems like a strange oversight for an industry as homophobic as mainstream rap.

Of course, he also spends a lot of time sitting on the roof of a car playing an electric a song that to my ear has a total absence of guitar. So it seems as if nobody put a lot of thought into the subtleties of this video.


drischord said...

I thought that "Candyshop" locked up the lollipop metaphor for 50's exclusive use. This lame attempt to recycle it is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. (And it's not like it was particularly clever when 50 used it either.)

The first comparison that comes to mind is the recent news that nubile Al Qaeda goons trying to make their big terrorist mark by... hijacking airplanes! How creative!

Whether it's terrorism or shitty mainstream rap, I am continually dismayed by how unimaginative people are these days.

Via Chicago said...

My ear for this is not very refined, but man, this song sucks. Really sucks.

Give me that drug song of his over this any day.