Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Calexico gives a cool Tex/Mex flavor to this classic Minutemen song. Yesterday I was doing my taxes with a Corona in my hand and really feeling it.

"I only had a Corona/5 cent deposit!"

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Eric said...

That's great actually. I, of course, was first exposed to that song as the theme of Jackass on MTV. I was pleasantly surprised when I first got Double Nickels on the Dime to find that it's actually a really good song. What I like about this is that Double Nickels is a sprawling double album that jumps all over the place stylistically, but on first listen all the songs sound kind of similar. So a song like "Corona" just sounds like the Minutemen with a slight Tex-Mex bent. So I like that this takes it to its logical genre conclusion.