Thursday, September 01, 2011

Wilco Streams Live Shows On Their Website

Did you guys realize this? Here's the link:!/roadcase/

I'm currently listening to a New Orleans show, which has a local horn section on about half the tracks. Not the greatest sound quality, but certainly great playing.

And in other news, I pre-ordered the deluxe edition of The Whole Love. Anyone shelling out for the vinyl? (And by anyone, I mean Tex and possibly Dr. K.)


texplush said...

I pre-ordered the vinyl as well. What do you think of the new single? I'm hearing some motown influence and I'm hoping this album has a Summerteeth "nuggets" quality to it...
I met Stirratt at Solid Sound this year. Nicest guy.

texplush said...

Listened to the full album stream a few times in the last 24 hours.
This album is truly all over the place in a great way.

Quinapalus said...

I also listened to the new album stream, although only once--but so far I'm very excited. It reminded me a little bit of the structure of Being There, in which they put the weirdest, longest song first, making you wonder if they're taking a big step in a radically new direction, but then the rest of the album feels a little dialed back in comparison. But I don't really mean that as a criticism...there's plenty of interesting stuff the whole way through. I'm looking forward to the official release!