Friday, September 23, 2011

Why You Should Avoid Watching Your Adolescent Artistic Heroes Be Interviewed

He was a great songwriter, but I have to admit I'm no longer mesmerized by his interviews. 20 years later, Kurt Cobain just reminds me of the somewhat pretentious goth kid who lived down the hall from me in college.

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drischord said...

To be fair, I think that's the worst I've ever heard from him. Not that all of his other remarks set the standard for lucidity and insight, but that was just pure adolescent egomania. Usually he's better than that.

drischord said...

Also, further research reveals that Kurt Loder was just a salivating, star-struck fanboy around those guys. A chink in the intrepid journalistic armor of MTV News.

Quinapalus said...

I vividly remember to this day the way Kurt Loder announced Kurt Cobain's death (which was how I first heard about it). He said something to the effect of "for those of you who had always wanted to see Nirvana play live, it's too late."