Monday, February 14, 2011

Meanwhile, New Radiohead Album? New Radiohead Album.

Looks like I'm going to have to pay cash money for a digital album for what may be the first time ever! (I don't count emusic, because that was more of a subscription fee, and I quit long before they started listing album prices in dollars).

Clear 10" vinyl sounds cool but I don't think I need to spend fifty bucks on one album. Either way, this is pretty fucking badass and exciting. The cool thing about In Rainbows for me, more than the Met Museum style "suggested donation" thing, was the fact that they controlled when their music got out so that everyone could hear it at the same time. I really miss that experience. (I realize that makes me a dinosaur, but at this point I'm embracing it. After all, I still purchase CDs.) I was traveling in Peru when it came out, so I couldn't hear it for a few days, but this Dutch guy who I was on a hiking trip with had left after it came out, so he had it on his iPod and I listened to it on the van while we drove around the rim of the Colca Canyon. That was a good day.


drischord said...

The immediacy of this is just like In Rainbows. Just happens all at once. Announced one day, released 5 days later.

To further illustrate this, I had just tried a Google search about this record not two weeks ago, and I didn't get anything of any substance. I knew they were recording out here in LA about a year ago-- and playing surprise shows while they were at it-- and so I just had a feeling this would be out soon.

Personally, I prefer a little bit of hype time to build up anticipation. For something as monumental as a new Radiohead album, I like to psyche myself up a little, but I guess the lads from Oxford aren't having any of that.

Quinapalus said...

Maybe they're trying to split the difference by making you wait until May for the $50 "newspaper" version.

Also, thanks for posting the rock vagina picture, Eric!

texplush said...

I was surprised to get a Radiohead newsletter yesterday announcing a regular vinyl and CD release in March. I had already bought the digital presale. I guess it was smart to do that. they probably make more $ from the direct-through-them digital presale than even physical copies you'd buy in stores through a third party distributor.