Friday, April 03, 2009

On the off chance you were already thinking about it...

The reissue of Pearl Jam's Ten has some pretty decent remixes on it. They've really cleaned it up and they hard panned the guitars opposite each other, so you can actually hear each guitarist individually for the first time.
Also, you can hear how much wah pedal Mike McCready uses. I'll give you a hint: it's a lot of wah pedal.
worth a hear if you're a closet Pearl Jam fan like myself.


drischord said...

Still my favorite Pearl Jam album. I definitely want to hear the remix.

Quinapalus said...

Why be in the closet? There's no shame in liking Pearl Jam.

texplush said...

I guess i'm not in the closet anymore...after all, I am a real No Code apologist.
here's a question:
is there anything any on the following albums worth checking out?

Riot Act

drischord said...

Of the three, the self-titled one is the best. Best one since Yield.

I, too, am also a big No Code fan.

Ten is my favorite though. Much like its '90s Seattle twin, Nevermind, it has a vastly underrated B-side.

Eric said...

Funny-- I feel like a lot of PJ fans fell off at the same time. Yield was the last one I really got into. And I will totally stand behind No Code-- that was almost my favorite one for a while. Although I'm not sure how well it would hold up-- I think I honestly have not heard it since I was in high school. Ten was my favorite though. Takes me straight back to the summer of 1994 when we alternated that with Adam Sandler's "They're All Gonna Laugh At You" on every single van trip at camp, as Drischord can confirm.

drischord said...

There's probably still a warrant out there for me on account of all the Adam Sandler jokes I personally killed that summer.

texplush said...

I gave No Code a listen today. Holds up pretty well.

Sometimes - a great preamble. Builds tension perfectly until we explode into:
Hail, Hail - really, as good as any uptempo opener on any of their albums. the bridge takes it to another level.
Who Are You - A subpar song that benefits a lot from the arrangement and Jack Irons' drums (personal note to blog about PJ drummers sometime)
In My Tree - I used to like this song a lot, but the patented Vedder octave shift btw the 1st and 2nd verse rang false a bit this time.
Smile - halfway decent song. needs a better arrangement.
Off He Goes - an understated high point for this album. Song cringe-worthy lyrics ("seems my preconceptions are what should have been burned"), but generally really pleasant.
Habit - bleh. These are the sort of "punk" tunes that I feel like PJ started to lean on for street cred in their later albums - like Do The Evolution...just sort of tuneless.
Red Mosquito - A personal favorite. really hooky chorus and i love the swing. Nice guitar tone on the verse solo. it really sounds like a mosquito!
Lukin - bleh
Present Tense - This song is in the same category as Better Man, as almost unbearably cheesy to 2009 ears, yet I can't deny the emotion that surges in my breast!
Mankind - I think this song is great. Too bad Stone Gossard can't sing. I feel like there are some better chords to be found for the verse too. Okay, some of the lyrics suck too - Ovaltine, etc. BUT the chorus rules.

After that, i lost interest. I felt like the band did too.

drischord said...

Back in my irreverent younger days, I used to call Smile my "favorite Neil Young song." Now I realize what a blasphemous thing that was to say, even in jest.

I now realize: Why make ol' Neil guilty by association? It's not his fault that Pearl Jam blatantly imitated him.

Also, I'm still firmly in the "In My Tree" camp. Self-righteous Vedder at his best.

Quinapalus said...

Red Mosquito has always been one of my personal favorite songs of their whole catalogue