Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Boxmasters put out a new CD!!!!

Guys! Have you guys heard that new Boxmasters that everybody is talking about?? You know, those guys playing a variety of Cosmic American Music that nobody else has been able to touch in like 30 years??

You haven't??

Then Billy Bob Thornton has some words for you, my friends. He is NOT amused, and he will go so far as to generally insult all Canadian music audiences on Canadian radio to get his point across.

This gets more and more unbelievable as it goes along. Take a listen.

Actually, I just discovered you can watch the whole this on YouTube, and it's even more of a fascinating train wreck:


jayguevara said... the beginning of this interview, I was thinking, "wow, Billy Bob Thornton is on drugs!" By the middle of the interview, I was thinking, "wow, Billy Bob Thornton is a jerk!"

texplush said...

he's probably really hung over.

Eric said...

The unforgivably douchey aspect of this is that he wants to be treated like any other band and not have his other career mentioned, but only a movie star would "instruct" an interviewer on what he can and can't talk about. A normal band that's been together for two years would be grateful for the fucking publicity and wouldn't have the clout (or chutzpah, as my people say) to demand what can and can't be talked about. What a dumbass, hungover or not.

Quinapalus said...

I'm with Jay--who, by the way, is a good friend of mine from high school, not just a completely random commenter--hung over or not, Billy Bob Thornton seems to be a jerk. Or at least a troubled, petty, irritating man.

texplush said...

i certainly didn't mean to diminish his douchiness by suggesting he was hung over. just the way he looks like he's on drugs.
i wish there were more bandmate reaction shots.

drischord said...

I want to take a shower now.

jayguevara said...

Well, if I was in "Mr. Woodcock", I guess I would want to deny I had an acting career, too.