Monday, February 09, 2009

A Steely Dan awakening

Spurred in large part by my gf fixing my record player, I have gone vinyl-purchasing crazy on ebay in the last week. My life has changed.
Mostly due to the purchase of 6 Steely Dan LPs which are blowing my mind. I've liked Pretzel Logic, Countdown and Can't But A Thrill for years, but this purchase has opened my mind to the joys of Aja, Gaucho and The Royal Scam. AND THEY SOUND SO GOOD ON VINYL. My god.
I'm not the only person to be turned off by Steely Dan at the outset, but my experience lately only confirms my suspicion that often time records I hate upon first listen eventually become my favorites.
Not to mention the fact that the cheesy aspects of late period SD sound MUCH less cheesy on vinyl.
Just wanted Drischord to know, really. It hasn't been this good since the days of Eric's speakers and Drischord's record player at 125 Willoughby!
Here are the other records I've purchased and are in transit (just because I like to think about it):
4 Elvis Costello records
3 Neil Young records
Astral Weeks
Exile On Mainstreet
4 Queen records
Fleetwood Mac's Tusk (!!!!!) and Mirage

Besides being in a general February depression, my awakened record player has given me much joy. May you all one day know such pleasure!


drischord said...

Now I think I know how a missionary feels.

This is fantastic news. (Although you might have gone one past me by embracing Gaucho, which I can only take in small doses.)

The Royal Scam is amazing. Green Earrings is one of the funkiest things I've ever heard. Everything You Did has taken on new status for me since its inclusion in Yacht Rock.

And then there's Aja, which is, bar none, one of the greatest records in the history of rock.

There are many good bands in the world and God knows I love hundreds if not thousands of them, but there is truly only one Steely Dan. No one sounds like them, and by and large, no one even tries.

If any of you have the chance to see them live, I strongly encourage it. Much like their studio line-ups, the ensemble they put on stage has chops to put all other live bands to shame. Fagen's range isn't facile as it was in the '70s but he can still sing and his + Becker's sense of humor is a great bonus as well.

Via Chicago said...

Ah records - so economical, so awesome. As I have been listening to Elton John it has forced me back into my record player, and I am happy. I would suggest adding his old stuff to your list of potential purchases.

What Queen is coming?

texplush said...

just arrived today -
my favorites News Of The World and Night At The Opera of course, and then The Game and Sheer Heart Attack, which i don't know except for the singles.
Goddamn! I love vinyl! As a great man once said, Spin the black circle!

Eric said...

Out of curiosity, how much are each of those setting you about on average?

Via Chicago said...

Tex - I must enthusiastically recommend Queen's "Jazz" which is one of their best and woefully slept on. Plus it has Bicycle, Fat Bottomed Girls, and Don't Stop Me Now. It is the greatness.

Eric said...

I concur with Mr. Chicago. Jazz is the jazz (although it does not contain any music that could be credibly described as "jazz" or even really, "jazzy.")

drischord said...

BTW Tex, you also have to get Katy Lied. "Rose Darling" features what can only be described as the Best. Michael. McDonald. Backing. Vocals. Ever.

texplush said...

I'm glad you mentioned that. McDonald's backing vocals are a goddamn revelation throughout. "Peg" and "Hey Nineteen" both come to mind immediately...I have Katy Lied digitally, but i'm sort of feeling the vinyl too much these days...

dr. kittybrains said...

I don't think McD is on "19", is he?

texplush said...

you're right -
it's credited to Frank Floyd and Zack Sanders.
Now i'm off to find their solo records...

Eric said...

Protecting Your Rights on the Internet
Tel 44-(0)208-323 8013
Fax 44-(0)208 323 8080

Hi texplush,

On behalf of Warner Records and Frank Floyd and Zach Sanders, many thanks for plugging Frank Floyd and Zach Sanders' solo work (street date 20th January) ... .. thanks, also, on behalf of the label and artist for not posting any pirate links to unreleased (studio) material and, if you / your readers want good quality, non-pirated, preview tracks, “Hey Nineteen" can be heard in 30 second sample clips on all of your favorite web-based music sellers and on Pitchfork TV. Check for details on all of the artists' solo work and 2008/9 shows. As for this "vinyl" thing about which you speak, I don't understand-- it's not pirated studio material is it?

Thanks again for your plug.



drischord said...