Monday, February 09, 2009

In Praise of Elton John

I have nothing highly substantive to say here, but just wanted to share that Elton John is awesome. I took a brief break from the Flaming Lips and listened to Honky Chateau and this guy rules it. I know for some of you (Kittybrains) this is no revelation, and I've always been aware that he has some really great stuff, but I realize now that I really need to invest in sifting through his massive catalogue.

Any Elton highlights out there from you all?


Eric said...

Honky Chateau is one of the only of his early ones I don't have. BMG (Dylan's and my favorite music seller this side of emusic) had a special with his first five (minus Honky Chateau) for 20 bucks or something like that. I ordered that but I have to say I've had trouble getting into it. I really like Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, because it's so poppy but outside of the more famous singles, a lot of this other stuff really blends together-- like on Tumbleweed Connection and Elton John. I also have Madman Across the Water and Don't Shoot Me I'm the Piano Player but truthfully just haven't gotten into them that much yet, so I'm curious what you end up getting into.

Via Chicago said...

For years I've had Honky Chateau, Tumbleweed, and Madman, and until recently they all kind of blended together for me as well. But this listen to Honky was quite eye opening. I do most of my listening at work, and the other two are on vinyl, so I haven't been able to invest in them as much, but will try to do so tonight and report back.