Saturday, August 09, 2008

Zumpano for a Buck

Like Eric, I've been enjoying the general devaluation of the compact disc in the mp3 age. This past week, for instance, I was able to purchase Zumpano: "Look What The Rookie Did" for one measly dollar. Now admittedly, this may have owed more to the fact that the store didn't know what they had on their hands rather than worldwide downturn in CD value.

This leads me to mention that Zumpano, if you didn't already know this, was Carl Newman's band before New Pornographers. I'm pretty sure that the CD/Game Exchange up the street from my old high school in DC did not know this. They're much more of a hip hop store anyway, which leads to frequent mis-assessments of used rock stuff that comes their way.

Anyway, check out Zumpano. They lack the undeniable choruses of New Pornographers, but they've still got that classic Carl Newman craftsmanship and overall quality. I think they also had a looser vibe-- fewer fans to please-- which makes them pretty fun. Worth far more than a dollar.

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