Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Every single song on Billy Joel's Greatest Hits Vol. I and II is amazing.

And I know every word and note even though I probably haven't listened to it more than a handful of times in the past fifteen or twenty years.

It's really strange to listen to it actually, because it seeped very deep into my consciousness at a time when I didn't really think about music in a self-conscious way. I just loved the Storm Front album with We Didn't Start the Fire and my friend Ben made me a tape copy of his earlier greatest hits. When I just listened to it now (on a random nostalgia kick after hearing a couple of the songs in a cab the other night), I couldn't help but hear everything in context-- how he moved from Prog Epics (Captain Jack), to New Wave Mimicry (Still Rock and Roll to Me) to shameless nostalgia (Uptown Girl), all while indulging in sensitively wussy singer-songwriter balladry (Just the Way You Are, Always a Woman). But back when I first got into it was just about the myuuusic, man-- I liked the way he spoke-sang "Biiiig shooot, deeeedja" and the awesome synth hook in Pressure and the "BrenderandEddie" section of Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.

To return to my theory: Seriously, every single song is great!


Via Chicago said...

I am sorry to say, I can not support this argument. I've never been able to get into Billy Joel, at all. I just fail to see the appeal.

I'm pretty sure it was Tex who summed Mr. Joel up perfectly during one drunken college evening by saying "I never feel whiter then when I listen to Billy Joel."

drischord said...

I totally disagree, via chicago. I'm going to post on this directly.