Monday, January 28, 2008

More Jon Brion

Since Q was asking about Jon Brion's sound, I figured I'd put up a second sample. This is again from that Chicago show. Still not super representative of his overall sound, though I do think this is closer to what you'll hear at the majority of his concert then my last post. I'm intentionally not telling you what it is because you'll know - and if not you're no music dork.


Quinapalus said...

Yeah I know that song! I think I heard Nickelback covering it. It's like an old Stone Temple Pilots song or something, right?

texplush said...

for my money, JB will always be the consummate collaborator. Whether it's Kanye, Elliot Smith or PT Anderson, his collaborations and production work are always heads and tails above what he does on his own.
He's just too talented to have any perspective. He needs someone else with a vision so that he can channel his talents and have some rules to follow.
And his singing voice is sort of bad. I like his solo album alright (especially "I Believe She's Lying") but ultimately it doesn't really do the job.