Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jon Brion in Chicago

Alright I'm trying out this DivShare thing. Here's a little ditty from Mr. Jon Brion's show in Chicago that was on my list. I do believe Dr. Kittybrains will particularly enjoy it. This one's not great sound quality, but I have many other recordings here. Let me know if you want to hear more from Mr. Brion.


Quinapalus said...

That was pretty cool. I'm not sure I've ever heard any Jon Brion solo stuff...I don't know what I expected it to sound like, but it definitely wasn't like that. Does he play an eclectic bag of stuff, or is that representative of the whole night?

Via Chicago said...

He's most defintely an eclectic bag performer. Really this was the only song he played all night that was in this style. I'll post another sample when I get home from work that should help give a bit more of an idea what he does - although it will probably just end up making his concerts seem even more confusing. And if you haven't, you so should read his interview in the AV Club. I would post the link, but I'm lazy, and you all surely can find it.