Monday, August 23, 2010

Awesome cover

Everything about this Sweet Child O' Mine cover is amazing, from the outfits to the fact that there are several points in the song when each musician is _almost_ playing the actual part, but absolutely out of sync with the other two. But the point is not so much to make fun as it is to be thankful that youtube wasn't around when we were that age, because I am fairly sure that my band (shoutout to Pete X!) laid down performances that were almost as embarassing in my parent's basement (though I think even if youtube did exist then, we would have had the good sense not to post the footage):

Also, actually, Pete X was never this bad.


drischord said...

This somehow matches the hilarity of those shredder videos, and yet in a different way. My favorite parts:

1. That drummer is SO classically high school-- he has literally one beat he can play and he applies it to everything. In the first of my two short-lived high school bands, the drummer did this very same thing. (His one single beat pattern was somewhat more complex and better performed, but still there was only one.)

2. The guitarist is also classically high school in that he cannot prevent himself from speeding up when he goes into the riff, and he seems totally unaware of that. That definitely could have been me.

3. The singer is perhaps the most oblivious to his ineptitude... ranging from his utter inability to play the bass to the idea that it would be AT ALL a good idea to take off his shirt for a video.

Mean to laugh at kids, but well... they posted it.

drischord said...

Also, speaking of high school bands, did I ever tell you that the singer of my second high school band was this guy?

He's apparently a pretty big deal in circles I don't run in.

Quinapalus said...

As Tex and I witnessed a couple of months back, The Roots actually do an awesome live version of that song...or at least, a sort of live sample.